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The struggle for LGBTQ rights for people in communities of faith is far from over; for some, it has only just begun.

The 11th of April 2020 should have been a day of celebration, and one for the history books. ‘ImaanFest’, the first-ever LGBTQ+ Muslim Pride festival, was due to take place in East London. The streets were to be lined with activists and allies from the queer Muslim community and beyond. Talks, workshops, queer Muslim films, and a mini-exhibition of LGBTQ+ Muslim history were planned. In the evening, there would be food and entertainment. …

Oasis Church Waterloo

In an increasingly secular society, the Church of England is struggling to stay relevant. Christopher Boyle speaks to those within the church fighting for inclusivity for all on a local level.

The Church of England (C of E) continues to find itself in a conflict between a progressive future and an archaic past. It allows gay vicars to be clergy members, but only on the condition that they remain celibate. The Church claims that God loves all people, whilst declaring that sex only belongs in a heterosexual marriage. According to a statement in 2019 by the House of Bishops (a part of the General Synod who considers and approves legislation for the C of E), sex outside of heterosexual marriage “falls short of God’s purposes for human beings.” Finally, and controversially…

How Conor Collins is challenging trolls through his artwork.

Conor Collins

In an increasingly interconnected world, everyone can have a voice. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, your message can be carried around the world within an instant. That is precisely what happened to Conor Collins, a 29-year-old Manchester-based artist. He is more interested in sharing his art through social media than in a gallery. Arguably a good choice: at the age of 24, his portrait of Tom Daley caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and subsequently the world. It was one of the most talked about images on the internet for quite some time. Lightning struck twice for Collins when…

Director Sam Ainsworth photo by Sam Ainsworth

The past year has seen significant views about masculinity changing. Highly visible campaigns such as the #MeToo movement and Gillette’s latest TV advertisement, which explores toxic masculinity, have demonstrated how men have used their power over women for decades. These campaigns have helped society to reflect on what it means to be a man. It seems the perfect time to put masculinity under the spotlight.

A look into the effects that social media is having on gay men.

Credit — Pexels

“Straight thin but gay fat” is a well-known phrase that has found its way out of the gay scene, and is now widely used in mainstream media (it even made a notable appearance in cartoon sitcom American Dad!). It touches upon the difference between straight and gay male body ideals. “A few extra pounds on a straight guy isn’t a big deal. But in the gay world, it’s a different story altogether” writes YouTube sensation Davey Wavey on his website dedicated to fitness. …

Why inclusivity lessons is vital for school children.

Credit — Pexels

School can be a great institution; it can cultivate intellect, help develop social skills, and set students up for their future. Unfortunately, that’s not the experience for everyone. A lot of LGBTQ youth suffer from verbal and physical abuse in school on a daily basis. Many of these students grow up developing mental health problems from their experiences at school.

I was one of those LGBTQ students; I was gay, but like most teenagers, I was unaware of my sexuality and faced the consequence of being different.

Parkfield primary school in Birmingham recently hit the headlines when parents protested weekly…

Morbidly funny short film with a surprisingly sweet heart

It is no mean feat to direct a short film — let alone to write, edit, and star in it as well. Yet that is precisely what Shawn Christensen has achieved.

In Curfew, he (Christensen) plays Richie, a suicidal ex-drug addict with nothing to lose except his life. When his sister with whom he has a troubled relationship, calls to ask if he can look after her daughter for the evening, he agrees — even though he just tried to slit his wrists in a sad attempt to end his life…

How one company is changing the way you think of your morning coffee

How one company is changing the way you think of your morning coffee

Bio-bean has announced that one day that triple, venti, half-sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato, you just ordered from your favourite coffee store could power London busses.

The UK Government ministers are back in the high court later this week to defend their current plans on tackling air pollution. Could recycling coffee grounds save the capitals air pollution issue? One company thinks that they have solved the problem: Bio-bean has teamed up with Royal Dutch Shell under its #makethefuture initiative, and unveiled the world’s first coffee derived biodiesel.


Despite the ability to change millions of lives around the world for the better, the drug is facing its own crisis.

There is hopeful news regarding HIV, the disease that has swept across the globe since the 1980s and taken over 40 million lives. A government-funded report entitled ‘Towards elimination of HIV transmission, AIDS and HIV-related deaths in the UK’ found a decline of 21% in new HIV diagnoses among gay men.

This significant decrease found in five London clinics is due to pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP for short. It is a medication that blocks the HIV virus from entering and then attacking the body’s immune cells. The medicine used for PrEP is a tablet called Truvada, which contains tenofovir and…

Chris Boyle

Student Journalist

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